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The Nexus Sages: Resources

AKA "That time Amy dumped a giant pile of links someplace."

Icons & Graphics Reliable places to find pre-made icons and graphics, as well as volunteers to help you get just what you want.
DW Codes Lovely codes! Journal skins, profiles, navigation...
People Pictures of people you might see out and about in the Nexus.
Places Pictures of Nexus locations, descriptions of places to visit from the Nexus, maps to buried treasure...
Things Magical, technological, natural; if it's interesting, there's probably an example in the Nexus.
General Sometimes it refuses to stay in a box.
If there's anything you'd like to see added, be it a new category or links, let me know in the comments. (Pinterest boards named "Nexus (something)" are open for collaboration; send me a PM here or message me on Pinterest to let me know you want in.)